Beware of your gremlins… they are running (and ruining) your life!

Gremlin ~ an imaginary little creature that gets inside things… and makes them stop working. (Cambridge Dictionary)

They also get inside you and make you stop working!

Gremlins are the strong, disempowering beliefs we have about ourselves. The annoying voice in our heads that tells us we are not good enough, smart enough, lovable, or worthwhile. They run our lives in the background.

Gremlins differ from limiting beliefs which are more general such as, “People with money are greedy” or “It’s selfish to take care of myself”.

Gremlins are more personal and are about you specifically. (Yay!)

Here’s what happened yesterday…

I had an exciting conversation about presenting at a retreat in beautiful Cabuya, Costa Rica next February. It was wonderful!

Until… the conversation evolved to me hosting my own retreat instead. WHAT?!?!

Instant thought: “I’m not ready for that! Other people can do that, but not me!”

Instant thought response: “Don’t listen to that crap! You are ready. You have more spiritual, energetic, and transformational content to bring than you will ever have time for!”

The conversation continued. We discussed the beautiful retreat center, options for local healers to do sessions and ceremonies, monkeys, waterfalls, and macaws. It sounded fabulous!

Until… the conversation progressed to discuss participants.

Instant thought: “How will we get participants? Who will want to pay money come to a retreat with me for a week?”

Instant thought response: “Lot’s of people! You are amazing and bring so much transformation and light to so many people. You can lead a retreat just as well as anyone else!”

And there it is. Years of cultivating a level of self-awareness that allowed me to recognize and respond to my gremlins in an instant. Awareness that allowed me to not buy into self-deprecating B.S. and pass on an opportunity as a result.

Gremlins are powerful and conceal themselves as the truth so you may not even be aware of them. Regardless, they are there and are compromising your values, creating commitments that don’t serve you, and are holding you back.

These beliefs create the façade that they are here to protect us and help us survive. They convince us we are safer when we stay small and don’t live our dreams.

They are lies!!

You made these lies up at some point when you were younger and continue to believe them as if they are the Truth. Most of us never question them, discuss them, or consider them. They are our secret truths about how defective we are.

Awareness is key!

When you cultivate awareness, you have a choice. You have a choice about whether to continue to believe these untruths and allow them to run your life.

Gremlins, like everything else, are energy. They don’t go away. It’s about getting to a place of recognition and choice.

Awareness allows you to redirect that energy to more productive feelings, thoughts, and as a result, actions.

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Jennifer Edwards is a veterinarian and transformational coach. Her conviction is that everyone can live a peaceful, happy, and joyful life. They just may need help learning how. She understands the emotional and leadership challenges of life in veterinary medicine. With insight, compassion, and being a stand for what’s possible, she helps veterinarians and teams rediscover joy and happiness in their life and career.