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Start your coaching journey now and create a life that will light you up.

By gaining awareness as to what stands in your way of being fully happy and fulfilled, you are left free to choose what your life will be.

We all have blocks, stories, and beliefs that stop us. Through my coaching and teaching, I serve as a mirror to help you look within yourself and free yourself of your barriers.

about Dr Jennifer Edwards


I’m Jennifer. And I GET IT!!

With over 20 years experience as a veterinarian and 13 years as a practice owner, I UNDERSTAND! I’ve been through it all – the stress, overwhelm, inadequacy, financial pressure, anxiety around interpersonal conflicts, and the grief. The life that is veterinary medicine that we can never explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced it.

Let’s Work Together

Dr Jennifer Edwards - coaching


One-on-one and group coaching experiences take you through a goal-oriented deep inquiry into self. With increased awareness, you can move past circumstances and internal barriers into happiness and a life that you love. You will start to see possibility, leaving you free to create measurable, sustainable, life-changing results. With her gift of intuition and extensive knowledge and training, Jennifer will partner with you to discover your truth and transform your life. Book a discovery call today.

Dr Jennifer Edwards - workshops


Jennifer’s extensive experience & expertise coupled with her natural gift of teaching, allows her to take audiences on a journey. Participants look inward gaining new awareness that leads to empowerment and life-changing results. Her professional background allows for relatability, as she intimately understands how concepts pertain to professional audiences. Fully customizable workshops on a variety of transformational and wellness topics, range from one hour to multiple weeks depending on the needs of your audience and organization. Let’s get planning!

Dr Jennifer Edwards - speaking


Jennifer’s engaging, insightful, and interactive keynotes empower audiences, businesses, professionals, and their teams to be more effective leaders, create better results, and have more fulfilling lives. Jennifer brings decades of experience, expertise, and her relatable personality to keynotes, group events, and lectures. Her knowledge combined with multiple certifications in coaching and speaking enables her to offer a wide variety of topics that she can tailor to suit your audience. Let’s get creative!

Brought a Fresh Perspective

“Dr. Jennifer Edwards provides webinars and written communications for our professional group, bringing a fresh perspective and positivity with her teachings. Her ability to provide useable information and easily implemented techniques is incredibly important in our industry of fast-paced medical professionals. Her teachings make you accountable to yourself and those important to you with simple to understand “a ha” moments that turn hard times into grateful times. I’ve attended her group and private coaching sessions, and you won’t be disappointed with her relevant, refreshing ideas. Dr. Edwards is a strong but caring leader and motivator, which is desperately needed in current times. No matter your goals, she can create a pathway to making your work or home life the best it can be.”

~Cheryl Catrambone, Executive Director of the NH Veterinary Medical Association

A Transformational Experience

“Working with Jennifer as my coach was truly a transformational experience. She was able to help me organize my thoughts and break down the barriers that were really getting in my way. She heard what was unspoken and helped me discover strengths within myself that I couldn’t see as I was navigating some difficult decisions. Her gentle encouragement as well as her ability to shine a light on the areas that were more challenging for me were essential to my growth over our time together. I found her ability to help me shift my perspective and see what I couldn’t see was pivotal in my success. I’m so grateful to her for everything she did during our time together! I would highly recommend her!”

~Shayna Bergman, Executive & Leadership Coach

Had a Tremendous Impact

“Dr Edwards is intuitive, insightful, and enlightened. She was able to guide me in identifying and utilizing the tools already within me to facilitate transformation in all areas of my life. Her coaching has had a tremendous impact on both my personal and professional life.”

~Nicole Geringer, MS, OTR/L, Business Owner, Occupational Therapist, Certified Nutrition Coach

Compassionate & Client-Focused

“Dr. Edwards is known for her intuitive listening. She frequently clarifies my own thoughts with insightfulness that can only be achieved with good listening. She is compassionate and client-focused and she WILL help you to find your happy. She won’t find it for you, but she will lead you to it!”

~Donald Mason, MS., Scientific Affairs Manager for an S&P 500 Company

“An amazing life with joy and happiness, thriving relationships, health, financial freedom, and authentic self-expression is available for you! It’s already within you.”

-Dr. Jennifer Edwards

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