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Leadership Kindness

As I sit today to write about leadership, I feel immense sadness. People in positions of great power are bringing violence, hate, and oppression to so many. Innocent people are needlessly suffering and dying. It gets worse daily, and it is heartbreaking.

While I do send my love in my own way, to say that seems so trivial when I personally cannot fathom what the people of Israel, Ukraine, and so many other places in this world are going through.

I can’t stop a war, but what I can do, is focus on powerfully showing up as my best self with love and kindness. Each of us has the ability to shift to a loving energy, despite all that is around us. Collectively, that does shift the energy of the world. Please join me.

Yesterday, someone asked me what I think is the #1 factor that will determine success in veterinary medicine in the future. My answer was about leadership, and it doesn’t just apply to taking care of our furry friends.

The word “Leader” is common and has many meanings. An important distinction is if the word is being used as a noun or as an adjective describing a way of being.

Leader as a noun is a job. It’s a position or a title and it has nothing to do with impact. Anyone can be put into a leadership position. But that does not mean that they are a good leader.

Leader as a way of being is about showing up in the world to serve.

Kindness is the Key

A requirement of leadership greatness is kindness. When one brings kindness, compassion, and empathy, along with a commitment to other people and their common purpose, they will find success.

Success requires people. People are fast becoming the rate-limiting factor for so many businesses (including veterinary medicine), and people are becoming burned out from toxicity and lack of concern. Treat people well and they will stay.

Those who figure out the magic formula of hiring and rewarding good leaders who are kind, empowering, and understand communication, while still focusing on business management, will find themselves with the winning team.

“I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

You are a leader! (yes, you.)

If you are a friend, parent, partner, coach, helpful neighbor, co-worker, or just about anyone, you are a leader. Leadership is not just about CEOs, supervisors, managers, and government officials.

Leadership as a Way of Being

Leadership is a context. A framework inside which we have the choice to live every day.  To live inside of leadership is to focus on what’s best for everyone.

What do others need? What does the common purpose need? What do you need?

Leading Your Life

You are the leader of your life and every day you get to choose how you show up.

  • Will you bring love, kindness, and compassion to yourself and others?
  • Will you make choices that empower you and allow the creation of a life that you love?
  • Will you serve people and causes that are important to you?

I can help you develop into the great leader that you are!    

A strong focus of my coaching involves Energy Leadership. I help clients understand and shift how they think, feel, and behave and therefore their outcomes.

Through the study of 7 levels of energy and how they personally experience their lives, it becomes possible to create outcomes and achieve goals that seemed daunting and out of reach.

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Jennifer Edwards is a veterinarian and transformational coach. Her conviction is that everyone can live a peaceful, happy, and joyful life. They just may need help learning how. She understands the emotional and leadership challenges of life in veterinary medicine. With insight, compassion, and being a stand for what’s possible, she helps veterinarians and teams rediscover joy and happiness in their life and career.