Happiness is about remembering you’re happy, even when you’re not happy.

—Dr. Jennifer Edwards


It is Possible to Rediscover Joy

Everyone has the power to overcome what stops them and create anything they want for themself and their life. Even in the face of challenges, happiness is available for everyone.

In fact, happiness is already within us. We just need to find it.

Gone are the days of self-sacrifice for the sake of our work.

The inner turmoil, depression, lack of life balance, interpersonal conflict and extreme stress and anxiety are not ok and not to be ignored.

With a focus on personal wellness and mental health, veterinary medicine can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. It NEEDS to be! I envision veterinary team members being happy and healthy in providing the essential care for our beloved animals.

Creating your life as you want it to be takes work and is a choice and commitment each person must make for themselves and no one can impose on another. My most successful clients are those that are dedicated to learning and exploring and are willing to look inward to discover their own truth.

Are you ready to make that choice? Are you ready to discover passion and joy in your life and in a profession that once excited you?  


Dr Jennifer Edwards - coaching


Using her gifts of intuition and deep listening, Jennifer guides you on a personalized journey of self discovery. Relationships, career, peace of mind, health or any other area is enhanced by learning to shift how you view things and therefore your responses.

By learning about your own energy, you will gain the ability to shift your experiences in the moment and uncover and clear whatever is blocking you from achieving your dreams.

What is missing? What’s not working? What would you like to create? Let’s get started.

Dr Jennifer Edwards - coaching


This powerful, one-of-a-kind assessment provides insight into how you view, experience and interpret your world, yourself and everyone in it. Backed by extensive research and validation, the results give insight into your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. As a baseline for your current performance and situation, areas of challenge and success start to make sense and this assessment alone will change the way you view your world.

The ELI is included in all new coaching packages and is also offered as a stand-alone service.

Dr Jennifer Edwards - workshops


In Jennifer’s fully customizable programs using the principles of Energy Leadership, participants dive in and create changes in all areas of their life. Programs incorporate a mix of education and coaching and can range from 1 hour to multiple weeks. Topics can be tailored to your audience’s needs and longer programs include homework to enhance the benefits.

By looking inward, people can start to gain freedom from what holds them back and live with more effectiveness, confidence, and happiness. Whether the focus is personal such as relationships or health, or business such as leadership, team management, or communication, Jennifer’s programs will lead participants towards empowerment and the achievement of measurable, sustainable, life changing results.

Dr Jennifer Edwards - awareness choice freedom


Hire Jennifer to Speak to Your Group

Jennifer’s engaging, insightful, and interactive keynotes empower audiences, businesses, veterinarians, and their teams to be more effective leaders, create better results, and have more fulfilling lives.

Jennifer brings decades of experience with the emotional and leadership challenges of veterinary medicine as both a doctor and in starting, leading, and growing a multimillion-dollar veterinary practice. This combined with over 15 years of study in transformation and personal development gives her a unique combination of understanding and relatability.

Amplified by her certifications in coaching and speaking, Jennifer’s trainings provide a powerhouse punch that activates engagement and leaves people excited to implement what they’ve learned into their lives.


Speaking & Seminar Topics

The following is a sample list of topics. Talks can be tailored for corporate or personal audiences. Let’s have a conversation. What would be perfect for your audience?

Energy Leadership™ – a process of developing leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you interact and your organization as a whole.

  • I offer in depth programs In the Energy Leadership™ Development System (ELDS)
    • Includes the Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment (ELI) for each participant
  • Sample Energy Leadership™ Speaking Topics:
    • How Conscious Leadership Can Transform a Workplace
    • Understanding your Team’s Energy and How to Respond to It
    • How To Use Your Own Energy to Shift Any Situation in the Moment
    • Using 6 Energy Influencers to Increase Your Effectiveness as a Leader

Battling Burn Out – Tips for Reigniting Your Flame

  • Understand what burn out is and why it happens
  • Keys to bringing back joy, motivation, and excitement into your life

Self-love, Self-care, and Self-value – 3 Ingredients for Happiness

  • Discover and release blocks and beliefs that get in the way
  • Create actionable steps to put Self first!

The Role of Personal Values in Addressing Challenges

  • What are personal values and why do they matter?
  • Options for responding when values are challenged

Emotions are an Untapped Gold Mine for Growth

  • Emotions signal a lot about values, limiting beliefs, and energy.
  • Emotional curiosity brings insights that allow choice in how emotions affect you.

The Power of Gratitude and How to Harness It

  • Understand this high energy emotion and why it is so important
  • Methods to bring conscious gratitude practices into your life

Bully Barriers – Staying Strong and Keeping Your Power

  • Explore reactions, insecurities, and fears – Why do bullies succeed?
  • Take back your power! Tips to find what works for YOU to set boundaries.

Exploring Commitments as a Path to Success

  • Commitments drive our behavior and are reflected in our results.
  • Identify your own commitments that are running the show. You may be surprised!
  • Learn how to consciously choose commitments to create the results you want.

You CAN be happy in Veterinary Medicine – Here’s How

  • Keys to rediscovering veterinary joy
  • It’s a challenging profession, but challenge can be satisfying

“Choose Happy” – What Does this Mean and How Do I Do It?

  • Explore this phrase and a context to apply it to your life.
  • Set an intention of happiness as the underlying framework for your life. 


Dr Jennifer Edwards - certifications

Ready to Rediscover Joy?