Learning from Tina Turner

Yesterday, this world lost an amazing woman. Not only was she a superstar and a huge musical contribution, she was also an inspiration.

Tina Turner survived a great deal of adversity, abuse, and trauma. She experienced abuse as a child, abuse in a marriage, and I can’t even imagine what she endured years ago as a successful black woman in the music industry.

Through it all she not only survived and thrived, she inspired.

This morning in yoga class, I heard Tina Turner’s cover of John Waite’s “Missing You”.

As I listened to her sing “It’s my heart that’s breaking…. I ain’t missing you”, I thought about how often we have people or things in life that need to go.

As heart-wrenching, agonizing, and painful as it may be, deep down we know they need to be gone to save ourselves.

Tina saved herself. We should all save ourselves.

I came home and went on a hunt for a Tina quote that I could share with you so we may honor a great woman and have her contribution continue in her words.

In complete alignment with what I had been thinking earlier, I found the perfect quote.

“Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go – purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything… whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.”

Letting go, change, transition, and goodbyes can be scary and sad. But if something in your life is not working, releasing it is your path to freedom and self-expression.

When people or circumstances leave our life, there is an empty space left behind. At first, that space is difficult and hard to be with. But soon we realize that space is an opening and an invitation. It is space for something even better to show up.

From nothing, we can create anything.

What in your life needs to go? What or who are you tolerating, putting up with, or making yourself small for? Feel free to reach out and share, I would love to hear.

Rest in peace Tina Turner. Thank you for who you were and your contribution to the world! 💗

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Jennifer Edwards is a veterinarian and transformational coach. Her conviction is that everyone can live a peaceful, happy, and joyful life. They just may need help learning how. She understands the emotional and leadership challenges of life in veterinary medicine. With insight, compassion, and being a stand for what’s possible, she helps veterinarians and teams rediscover joy and happiness in their life and career.