Beware of Distraction Action! Is it holding you back?

Distraction Action or Traction Action?

When it comes to achieving goals, it’s important to Be-In-Action!

Do you ever feel like you’re working, yet not much is getting done?

For the past couple of years, I have been building my coaching and speaking business. I owned a business before, having started and grown a successful veterinary hospital, but this is different. 

On the business side of things, there is a lot to do and learn that is new for me. 

I have come far, but I still have times when I sit down to work and feel like not much is getting done. This happened recently.

I had set aside a few hours to work on the business, and despite being busy, I did not get very far. It was confused. Then I realized…. I did get a lot done!

I walked the dogs, changed the laundry, reorganized To Do lists, updated my calendar, edited my speaker sheet, commented on social media posts … shall I go on?

While all those tasks are important at times, they are busy work.

What I didn’t do were the bigger, scarier, and more difficult tasks that would actually move my business forward.

And that’s when it hit me. I was focusing on Distraction Action, not Traction Action!

DISTRACTION ACTION – tasks that are easy, fun, or simply low-hanging fruit of boxes to be checked. (checking boxes feels SO good!)

TRACTION ACTION – tasks that may be more difficult, vulnerable, or more involved, that help you gain traction in moving towards your goal.

While action is necessary for progress, it is important to take note of what TYPE of action you are taking and what thoughts and feelings are behind it.

5 Causes of Distraction Action  

1️⃣ Lack of clear goals and intentions – It is difficult to have focused, productive action when you don’t know what the outcome needs to be. Goals are a road map. They are a place to go.

Solution: Paint a clear and specific picture of where you are headed with long-term goals (years, months) and short-term goals (weeks, days, today).

2️⃣ Lack of needed knowledge or skill – Taking action can be daunting when you don’t know how to do it. This will lead to avoidance and procrastination.

Solution: Consider if you need to learn something or seek help to allow forward progress. Perhaps you already know everything you need, but lack confidence?

Utilize teachers, coaches, or other resources so you can release the brakes and get rolling.

3️⃣ Overwhelm! – Is there too much to do? Are you pointing your efforts in too many different directions? Are there too many choices?

This is extremely common. When you are overstimulated and your eyes glaze over, it is only natural to focus elsewhere.

Solution: Separate your tasks into categories or buckets. Focus on one category and a few tasks at a time. Make a mini to-do list with 3-5 items. Put all other lists away and when those are done, pick 3-5 more.

4️⃣ Lack of motivation or interest – What is driving the effort? Is this something that you really want to be doing? Is there passion behind it? Sometimes we ‘think’ we want something, but we really don’t. This will lead to a struggle between the heart and mind. The mind says go while the heart says stop.

Solution: Be honest with yourself. Get clear on what you want. Evaluate if the goal needs to be modified so it is more aligned with your true vision.

5️⃣Unproductive mindset – Maybe you have clarity and interest, but at that moment, you’re just not into it. Perhaps you’re tired, need to move, hungry, or just plain unmotivated.

Solution: Take a break. Instead of pretending to work, go do something else. Allowing your mind to rest and be free may allow you to regain your focus and get back in action.

You are capable of accomplishing so much. If you’re feeling lost, frustrated, or doubt your ability, it is totally normal.

As with most things, when you’re in it, it’s difficult to see how to resolve it.

 Let me help you get your action on track! 

I help my clients gain clarity, confidence, focus, and accountability so they can break free of feeling stuck.

Release the ball and chain of Distraction Action and start achieving your goals now.

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Jennifer Edwards is a veterinarian and transformational coach. Her conviction is that everyone can live a peaceful, happy, and joyful life. They just may need help learning how. She understands the emotional and leadership challenges of life in veterinary medicine. With insight, compassion, and being a stand for what’s possible, she helps veterinarians and teams rediscover joy and happiness in their life and career.